alan's Photographs

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. I'm beginning to think that necessity has a summer home in Mexico.

At the top of the hill, almost inexplicably in the middle of nowhere we have a liquor store. Brief respite for those looking for relief for whatever ails them.

Went out to a junkyard for a couple of spare parts. It's interesting what people leave in cars they decide to junk. In one we found a couple of family photographs. These car engines, the heart of a car, near the entrance made me think and wonder of all the people they moved around, perhaps only a couple of miles, perhaps more to start new lives.

The suburb in the distance kind of just appeared, almost like a mirage in the dessert. The cookie cutter homes juxtaposing against both their environment and the homes around them.

The writing on the right reads, "A happy heart beautifies the face". The writing on the left reads, "Bad conversations corrupt good habits". I find it interesting that this wall had no graffiti on it and that these messages are just there to be read, they are not selling you anything, they do not point the way to any shop, there just there to make you think.

Our neighborhood has it's own football field. It's all dirt, there's ankle-endangering potholes everywhere, and the nets are torn but it's ours.

A professor once told me that Mexican's love spicy food because we love to suffer. I happen to agree with her.

beach sunset

This is the beach in front of the house of where I grew up in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. As I stood on the wet sand, feeling real cold outside for the first time in over four years, I tried to will myself to remember the view. How many times had I seen this same sun set as a child?

hospital sacred heart

This is the hospital I was born in, seen 27 years after I was born in it. It's weird, I'm not sure what I expected out of "the hospital I was born in". Perhaps we all seek some more gravity out of things that mean so much to us.