Come over to the dark side


This picture was taken during an art event at Unit 15 along this same stretch of Lorong 24A. The photographer is Eddie Sung. Eddie is a famous and well-respected photographer who takes photos of rock artistes. I remember his one-click philosophy of phototaking. He
sees, he thinks and he waits until the perfect moment and he takes only one shot and . . . it’s the perfect shot. Unlike me, I shoot thousands of them to get one lucky break.

The monk in the picture is Reverend Bhante, the abbot of the Buddhist Library across the road. I brought him to see Eddie’s work and I then took pictures of them as Eddie slowly brought him around explaining every picture to Bhante. Bhante is quite a cool monk. He digs rock music and photography (besides Tibetan Thangkas). So I could not resist the caption. Sorry Bhante . . . hope this does not spoil your spiritual journey.

Now for the free plug on Eddie Sung. Please check out his work at (or better still, visit his gallery).

Photographer: SJ

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