This is a picture of the Shanghai Expo’s most iconic building, the China Pavilion. It now houses the China Art Museum.  This building would be on par or even rival our Durian or the Sydney Opera House in scale and grandeur.  Both our Durian and Sydney Opera House open its grounds almost round the clock to the public; this Shanghai Expo Building is continuously blocked and admission is controlled (even within its vicinity).


I had a huge laugh when after I took the shot, I realized that besides the red railings, the traffic light had been turned to red and even the pedestrian sign was on red (surely an overkill).  It reminded me so much about Singapore many years ago when we were trying to promote entrepreneurship and risk-taking and one of our famous tech entrepreneur, Sim Mong Woo, made the comment about Singaporeans and the “No U-turn” mentality.  (ie. most motorists here will not make a U-turn at any break in the road divider unless there is a U-turn sign.)


China is going through this stage now where things are heavily regulated but I am sure it will gradually change over time.



Photographer: SJ

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