Radar Dome on the top of Mount Huang Shan


Mount Huang Shan is one of the oldest, most scenic and sacred mountains in China. Perched on top of one of the peaks is a radar-shaped dome. Typical pictures of Mount Huang Shan are usually of its mist-shrouded peaks with the ever-present cypress trees piercing through the veils every now and then.

After I took this picture, I realised it presented another
perspective of the tourist industry of China. It is modernization at all costs, down to the cable cars, the mountains and new radar domes at the peak so that tourists can have better reception with their cell phones in this previously pristine area.

There is also another almost comic perspective. The picture does show all the faithful flocking to pray at this “Temple of Dome” (see the building below the radar dome). The crowds circulating the dome certainly give this impression. The constant refrain is, “if you want to see China, better see it early than later”. Things are changing too fast.

Photographer: SJ

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