Tibetan Monk in monastery- Shigatse, Tibet


I was resting on a bench in the afternoon sun at the monastery when a Tibetan monk walked past. I have always loved old trees and these two were so full of character. After I snapped the picture, I saw the harmony in the old trees standing by a lone old monk. Notice also the usual white Tibetan offering banner fluttering on one of the branches of the old tree. All very simple and austere. It always feels like I am right there in the monastery whenever I look at this picture. And guess what, the monk will pass on but the old tree will most likely be still there. life is so transient and we should try to slow down our pace.

Photographer: SJ

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Do not combine Glucophage with various other medicines without informing your medical professional as it could trigger substantial health and wellness issues. Prior to gazing to take this medicine you have to chat the procedure over with your medical service provider. Allow your physician find out about taking other prescribed or non-prescription medicine that can hamper Glucophage. Particular wellness disorders, such as liver disease or a past of cardiovascular disease <a href=http://buycelexaonlinewithoutprescription.nu/>discover more here</a> could hamper the performance of the treatment and should be mentioned to your medical professional.
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Side results are various for every single person, nevertheless, the most typical ones are: muscle pain, sleep ailments, queasiness, looseness of the bowels, tummy upset, and dizziness. Once your body readjusts to the dose and therapy timetable, these side impacts are usually signs of the drug working effectively and they go away. You ought to speak to your physician before beginning the treatment. , if there are any sort of clinical problems that you think might communicate with your therapy you really need to mention them to your health and wellness care service provider to prevent serious repercussions.. If you ever had an allergic reaction to some medication just like <a href=http://sildenafilcitrategeneric.gq/>sildenafil online</a> Zimulti tell your medical professional about it as your dose might call for a modification, or an alternative to Zimulti should be located.
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The major purpose of <a href=http://generic-levaquin.se/>generic levaquin</a> this medication is to develop a regular ovulation pattern after which the treatment is generally quit.

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Plasma attentions of atorvastatin, simvastatin, and also pravastatin minimized. Seek advice from the full prescribing information for the <a href=http://genericstrattera.xyz/>generic for strattera</a> HMG-CoA reductase prevention for support on embellishing the dosage.

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This info does not back any medicine as secure, reliable, <a href=http://genericstrattera.xyz/buy-strattera.html>buy strattera</a> or approved for dealing with any type of person or health condition.

Antipsychotic treatment itself, nonetheless, could subdue (or partly suppress) the indications <a href=http://genericstrattera.xyz/strattera.html>strattera</a>] and signs of the disorder as well as thus could perhaps mask the underlying disease procedure.

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Advair Diskus (fluticasone propionate, <a href=http://metronidazoleflagyl.tk/>metronidazole flagyl</a> salmeterol) is a medicine used to control asthma and bronchitis-related chronic obstructive lung ailment.
Avoid integrating Prednisolone with any kind of quantities of alcoholic beverages, as <a href=http://erythromycinonline.gq/>buy erythromycin online</a> the communication can create undesirable signs. Additionally ensure you consult your medical professional prior to taking any kind of various other medicines along with Prednisolone. Make certain you pointed out any one of the following ones or make a listing if you are going to take several of them: ketoconazole, aspirin, seizure medications, diuretics, blood slimmers, rifampin, and oral the hormone insulin or diabetic issues medicines.
Avoid taking even more of this drug than advised and ensure 24 <a href=http://buy-amitriptyline.se/>amitriptyline</a> hrs pass in between both dosages.
In Phase 1 <a href=http://buyadvair.se/>buy advair</a> trials of Requip with healthy volunteers who got solitary dosages on morethan one event without titration, 7 % had actually documented symptomatic orthostatic hypotension.
This medicine is advantageous for patients with danger aspects as <a href=http://generic-viagra-soft.nu/>soft tabs viagra</a> hypertension, very high triglycerides, very high cholesterol and diabetes.
It is <a href=http://overthecounteracyclovir.ga/>zovirax prescription</a> feasible that some side impacts of TriCor may not have actually been reported.
This medicine is created ladies whose ovaries do not <a href=http://propeciauk.cf/>propecia uk</a> generate eggs that can be fed by sperm.
Baclofen is intended for the treatment of tightness and <a href=http://tretinoin-cream-025.gq/>tretinoin cream 025</a> discomfort in the muscles induced by numerous sclerosis.
Your diet <a href=http://albuterolprice.cf/>albuterol</a> likewise may really need to be gone over, as grapefruit juice has actually been mentioned to obstruct the results of Viagra.
To make certain your procedure is reliable your doctor will should take into account any sort of health care conditions you have, specifically any one of the following ones: cardiovascular disease, very high or low blood stress, renal system disease, liver disease, cardiac arrest, breast pain, a record of movement or embolism, retinitis pigmentosa, blood cell condition, bodily deformity of the <a href=http://lasixforsaleonline.nu/>lasix</a> penis, hemorrhaging ailment, tummy abscess, or a current past of a cardiovascular disease.

Levitra (vardenafil) is a highly-efficient oral prescribed medicine planned for the procedure of erectile disorder. Talk with your physician before buying Levitra and tell him about any certain medical disorders <a href=http://cafergotonline.tk/>cafergot online</a> you have, and also about any kind of medicines and allergic reactions you are presently taking.
You could need to <a href=http://avodartprice.nu/>avodart</a> utilize blood stress medication for the rest of your life.
A female which is taking <a href=http://clomipheneforsale.tk/>clomid online</a> COCs ought to have a yearly visit with her medical care company for a blood tension check and for other showed medical care.
Plasma focus of pravastatin, atorvastatin, and also simvastatin reduced. Consult the complete suggesting details for the <a href=http://cheapcelebrex.se/>celebrex international pharmacy no prescription</a> HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor for support on individualizing the dosage.
Hypoglycemia might be difficult to recognize in the <a href=http://buyprednisonewithoutperscription.cf/>prednisone 60 mg</a> elderly and also in individuals taking beta-adrenergic obstructing drugs.
Those who are <a href=http://buy-amitriptyline.se/>amitriptyline</a> going to take it ought to be fully knowledgeable about drinking effect throughout procedure.
Ultram (tramadol) could be prescribed for instances of light to modest <a href=http://bactrimonlinewithoutrx.tk/>bactrim ds 800 160 tab</a> pain resulting from injuries or muscular tissue strains.
This drug may make <a href=http://buy-stromectol.se/>stromectol</a> you dizzy or drowsy or induce beclouded vision.
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