Over the years as I have tried to expand on my base of photography knowledge, many people have helped me by pointing me in the direction of a diverse range of resources. In turn, I shall try to highlight some of the resources I have found to be particularly useful.


I have found reviews of hardware on Dpreview, Canon and Nikon user group forums to be comprehensive and accurate. Ken Rockwell’s site can also be a good resource for amateurs looking for lenses to purchase.


Photography knowhow can be quite specific to one’s niche and interests. I tried taking many types of pictures such as landscape, portraiture, kids, architecture before I discovered my predilection for street photography. I found photography tutorial websites such as KelbyTraining and websites of some professional photographers to be good starting places for developing scope on the subject of photography. Equally useful are television documentaries that detail the evolution of art through history (History of American Photography, Masters of Photography) as well as ones focusing on individuals such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Arthur Stieglitz, Anne Liebovitz, Walker Evans, Eugène Atget and Gary Winogrand. If you prefer your resources in print form, the local library is an excellent and ever-growing resource for photography instructionals and lookbooks.


Of the many non-profit organisations devoted to the promotion of the art of photography, I found the International Centre of Photography most useful. Its courses are very professionally run and its library is extensive. It is physically located in New York City but its website is very accessible. In particular, I find the archives of lectures by renowned photographers useful if you have the time (lectures run for about an hour and a half). Of course, there are countless other national photographic associations to join. In addition, some museums like The Museum of Modern Art have extensive photo collections.


It is important to take courses with professional photographers if you are interested in improving your skill as a photographer. I took one with David H Wells and it changed the way I approached photography. It was a hands-on six day course in Hanoi where we went out in the day to shoot and returned in the evening to evaluate, critique and be critiqued. The course was organised by Objectivs in Singapore but similar courses will probably be available in your region.

I know by experience that photographers are a warm bunch who love to share so please don’t hesitate to share anything useful by emailing me.